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About Norris Barker & The Ballots:

It was in 1982 that Norris Barker first went to South Africa. "Fate took me there. I was newly divorced. A friend delivered aircraft to Africa and I hitched a ride," he recalls. He soon founded an import/export business in South Africa. A teacher at heart, he taught school at clandestine "street colleges" in and around Johannesburg in his spare time.

On October 7, 1990, in what Barker describes as divine intervention, he met Nelson Mandela. While driving home from Soweto after attending the funeral of one of his students, Barker stopped at a hotel to inquire about some meetings. He was directed to the nearby World Trade Center where Nelson Mandela happened to be speaking at a banquet. Entering the room, he made his way to where Mandela was seated with his then wife Winnie, and introduced himself. During a brief conversation, they talked of the funeral that Barker had just attended. It was a moment Barker says he will never forget.

Barker first learned about the undistributed ballots after the 1994 election from a policeman who was escorting him to pick up patients for the Hospice in Mofolo South at Soweto Hospice, where Barker worked as a volunteer. Afterwards, when the government placed the ballots for sale, Barker made the winning bid and purchased the documents that soon became collector's items. He returned to the United States 14 years ago and now lives in Arizona.

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